My Story...


I am a wisdom seeker, educator, herbalist and bodywork practitioner inspired by a remembrance of my own ancestral lineage of earth-based healing traditions. Although I have a love of esoteric knowledge, I have found my path within and through the profound simplicity of my body's direct experience and somatic intelligence. It is here in the beauty and pain of embodied experience that I am learning to dwell with an open heart.

My personal journey into wholeness has led me to re-define wombxnhood* in radical ways and to embrace aspects of femininity that have been forgotten or diminished in my culture.

This is why I am so passionate about helping wombxn remember their own timeless wisdom through a deeper understanding of their anatomy & physiology and how it relates to their fertility, sexuality, creativity, spirituality and personal power.

I am certified as a Fertility Awareness & Holistic Sexual/Reproductive Health Educator through the two year training program offered by Sarah Bly at Grace of the Moon. I am also trained in Maya Abdominal Massage and work closely with plant medicine. 

I currently live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with my honey-man, practicing herbalism, dabbling in the homesteading arts and learning how to balance life in the modern world while also aligning with the rhythms of nature.

Here I share my musings through my seasonal newsletter, offer herbal products as well as support wombxn in learning how to track their cycles as a method for natural fertility management, hormonal health, and cyclical living through my Holistic Cycle Support sessions and various online courses.

Thank you for being here


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* FYI: I use the word "wombxn" and "wombxnhood" in an effort to offer a more gender fluid understanding of my offerings while also honoring the specific anatomy of the persons for whom my work is intended to support... mainly, those whose bodies menstruate and those who wish to be in empowered relationship with their cyclically hormonal bodies, blood cycles, and womb / reproductive anatomy as inherent sources of wisdom, nourishment and guidance. I also refer often to "femininity" (yin) and "masculinity" (yang) as fluid, energetic concepts of polarity but not in a way intended to reenforce gender norms defined by anatomy.