Learn to Listen to the wisdom of your womb...

Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) is a practice in which womb*bearers feel confident making fully informed reproductive choices that are totally within their hands.

No doctors, devices, prescriptions or pills. Just the timeless wisdom and innate knowledge of your natural cycle....

The Fertility Awareness Method is a foundational practice for natural birth control, cycle connection, health awareness, and womb-centered living… It’s the holistic sex education and the rite of passage into womanhood that every woman should have but most did not receive.
— Audrey Jeanne, Fertiltiy Awareness Educator

What Are the Benefits of Practicing FAM?

  • Understand how your cycle works and how to work with it

  • Learn to observe and track your proven fertility signs for contraception, conception and hormonal health awareness

  • Make safe and effective contraceptive choices to manage your fertility, including the best use of Plan B, herbal contraceptive allies, or fertility technologies when TTC

  • Use FAM as a diagnostic tool to holistically assess overall hormonal health and to inform healing reproductive health issues

  • Better align your life with the innate lunar rhythms of your cycle

>> Is FAM Right For You? <<


Fertility Awareness goes beyond just a natural method of birth control, or even a self-diagnostic tool. When we learn how to relate to our internal cycles, we learn how to balance our day-to-day lives with our feminine rhythms and this leads to greater vitality and joy.
— Audrey Jeanne, Certified Fertility Awareness and Holistic Sexual/Reproductive Health Educator


The basis of Fertility Awareness lies in a daily practice of tracking and charting your primary fertility signs. This practice empowers you with an awareness of where you are in your cycle and whether or not ovulation has occurred. 

Once you've mastered this practice, you'll feel confident making contraceptive choices to prevent pregnancy, consciously planing for conception, or holistically healing your body of hormonal health issues.

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Ready to Learn?

For 1:1 Fertility Awareness education, we will meet for three sessions of private education and individualized learning support. 

I will meet with you live via ZOOM to teach you about your body and how to use FAM with engaging lectures, beautiful visuals, helpful handouts, and fun homework assignments that will ensure you learn quickly and integrate your understanding.

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Upon completion, you will feel fully confident when using

this method and amazed by your new body wisdom and appreciation!

What is covered during instruction?

▸ 1st Session: Body Awareness + Cycle Connection (90 min)

  • Menstrual Cycle as Metaphor

  • Anatomy of the Womb

  • Menstrual Cycle Ecology

  • Understanding Your Secretions: A Hands-on Demo (don't worry, we'll be using "fake" fluids!)

  • Overview of a basic paper fertility chart

  • Homework:

    • Cycle Mandala Creation, Connecting With Your Womb (worksheet & guided meditation)

▸ 2nd Session: FAM Charting Basics (90 min)

  • Basal Body Temperature Technique

  • Cervical Fluid Technique

  • Secondary Fertility Signs

  • Rules for Contraception

  • Charting Technique: Putting It All On Paper

  • Homework:

    • Practice filling out sample charts, review handout “6 Parameters of Menstrual Health”

▸ 3rd session: FAM as a Diagnostic Tool + Chart Review/Q&A (60 min)

  • Using FAM as Diagnostic Tool: Assessing Signs of Hormonal Imbalance On Your Chart

  • Holistic Hormonal Health & Daily Wellness Habits

  • Review homework sample charts and completed personal chart(s)

  • Clarify technique and answer questions



⫸ Your investment for a lifetime of body wisdom and reproductive freedom ⫷



 4 hours of Personalized education and lifetime access to learning support materials 

(Your sessions will be recorded so you can go back and review them in the future!)

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I firmly believe no womb should be without this information! If money is a limiting factor for you, I offer flexible payment plans. 

You can also save money by attending my group course, Stewarding the Womb, offered twice a year.

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PRAISE from past clients...

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Audrey was such an amazing educator for the fertility awareness method. The knowledge and wisdom she shared with me has helped me feel more in tune and intimate with my body and my unique cycle. She helped me clarify what tools would be most supportive for me and my particular lifestyle so that charting my cycle feels easy and accessible. I now feel more in tune with my body’s rhythms, and equipped with an empowered understanding of how I can align with the energies of my cycle from week to week to support myself physically, emotionally, and creatively.
— Aiyana Sage, www.aiyana-sage.com
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