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Holistic Cycle Support

Our fertility is our vitality and our cycle is a vital health sign...

  • Do you have questions/concerns about your sexual/reproductive health and want a holistic frame of reference?

  • Do you want to incorporate herbal allies as part of your fertility management options or sexual/reproductive healing?

  • Do you already chart using the Fertility Awareness Method and suspect you may have a hormonal imbalance?

  • Are you new to charting, struggling to decode your charts and/or master the rules of Fertility Awareness?

  • Are you ready to learn to chart your cycle but would like personalized, professional support?


If you answered "yes!" to any of the above questions you're in the right place

Check out my offerings below! 

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Not sure if I what I offer is a right fit for you?

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Holistic Cycle Support Session

Recommended for:

  • anyone seeking menstrual, sexual or reproductive health support from a holistic perspective

Includes: holistic health intake, chart history review (for FAM charters with at least 3 charts), personalized cycle Q+A, health action plan with support materials and customized herbal formula (tea or tincture).

// $160

Session including only the holistic health intake, chart history review and personalized cycle Q+A // $80

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Charting Support Q&A + Chart Review

need Some quick Charting advice? 

Recommended for self taught Fertility Awareness charters seeking rule and technique clarification. I'll review 1-2 charts to help you feel more confident using FAM for either contraception or conception. Bring specific questions to get the most from our time together...

// $44

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Counsel // Womb Tending + Space Holding

If you are struggling to process anything womb-related on an emotional/spiritual level, such as miscarriage, abortion, trauma, multi-generational ghosts, sexual wellness challenges, etc., and are simply in need of a loving witness to reflect your own wisdom, truth and insights back to you, I offer my counsel.

Offered on a sliding scale: $30 — $80

*This is not a substitute for medical advice or professional psychological support. This offering best serves those not in crisis, but in the integration phase of their personal process.

Emergency Contraception // At Home Pregnancy Release Support

What to expect:

  • Initial consultation and strategy session

  • Educational materials and support kit

  • Email/phone support

  • Offered on a sliding scale



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Ready to learn how to track your cycle for natural birth control, hormonal health awareness, or conception support?

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You may be wondering...

What is the role of a professional FAM educator and what can you expect in a private consult...?